Ongoing Projects

I have 3 ongoing fiction projects I am working on, with The Dauntless Gambit being the first to be available for purchase!

In addition to The Dauntless Gambit, I have 2 other projects that I plan to bring to market, beyond just my big list of random ideas. I hope to see all 3 on bookshelves someday,

The Dauntless Gambit

Space opera, soft sci-fi, swashbuckling spy vs spy adventure.

A space opera adventure with a focus on character interaction and the interplay of different motives, with the details of how space travel, ships, and technology work being supportive of the story, but not the focus.

The Dauntless Gambit's setting and story is a homage to swashbuckling in space, with spies, gunslingers, and evil empires that call back to the cold-war series of the late 20th century.

If you like Star Wars, Star Trek, Marvel Comic's take on space, and sci-fi action dramas, this is the series for you.

Check it out here!


Ruined-future, frozen-Earth, dystopian post-apocalypse.

Haven is the name of a domed city set 500 years into Earth's future after an unknown alien race visited and kicked off a new ice-age before abandoning the planet, leaving humans to survive on a planet of permanent, punishing winter.

Adapting 22nd century technology, humans managed to save a handful of cities beneath giant energy domes, originally meant to protect from nuclear fallout. Now, they protect from the cold.

Haven is one of those cities, a place where the class divide is as real as the dome, with those with power on the inside, and those without power left to freeze.

Haven's plotting is complete and is in the final outlining stage, ready for typing!

Zaar Chronicles - TBD

Epic fantasy, multiple main characters, unique and original magic system.

The Zaar Chronicles—name TBD—is an epic fantasy in the spirit of character, expansive series like The Stormlight Archive, Dragonlance, Death Gate Cycle, Mistborn, The First Law.

Zaar lives in a world where magic is the name for those born with the ability to manipulate, feel, and even alter the Fabric, the very nature of reality and the universe.

Zaar was born with the "Feeler" ability, the ability to sense and feel the Fabric without any ability to alter or impact it. He soon is paired up with Nehan, a warrior-mage with a complementary, but opposite, ability. Nehan is a Grasper, one who can exert her will into the Fabric to pull it, push it, and use it to enhance her fighting capabilities.

Together, Zaar and Nehan will face both terrors unimaginable from beyond the Fabric, but also treachery and betrayal of those who sit in positions of power.

A ROUGH draft early preview is available for those curious, though there will be a lot of changes... let me know if you want to read it!