Hey everyone,

Hello, I'm Erika. This is my author's website!

Presently, I am working on building a career and catalog as a writer while working a day job at NASA as a Digital Service Expert until a time comes when fiction writing and creativity can sustain paying the bills... or at least giving me enough hours in the day to make a dent in the output needed for book writing.

I've finished the first four books of my first series, the Dauntless Gambit, which are available now, and have 2 other large-scale projects under planning. I am also continuing the Dauntless Gambit series with 3 additional books, rounding that out to a septology.

I also dabble in entrepreneurship with Practical by Design, a place where I can learn the skills of digital product marketing that I can apply to my book writing.

I would love to hear from you!

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